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TCU Lacrosse


Welcome to the ’23 – ’24 Frogs Lacrosse Season!  My name is Will Gambrell, and I am serving as Co - President this year along with Josh Harrison.  The Executive Committee has been working all Summer to ensure we have an outstanding season!  There is a lot of information to cover so please review this entire communication.


First, I would like to introduce and thank the balance of our Executive Committee:

VP of Finance: Mason Wells

VP of Operations and Recruiting: Carter Schubert

VP of Club Relations: JT Macedo

VP of Social Events: Matt Lockman

On the weekend of November 10th, we will have our Parents Weekend, recruiting event, and our annual alumni game. There is a social event scheduled for Friday night, the 10th, at 7:00 PM that all parents and players are encouraged to attend. The following Saturday, we will have our recruiting event prior to the TCU v. UT football game. Sunday, we will have our alumni game, where we would love to have all the parents out to support our current and former players!


We are in the process of updating our email list for our team correspondence. If you would like to receive communication throughout the season regarding the team and our activity, please fill out your name and email through the following link.

Next, it is my pleasure to formally introduce our new coaching staff.  We are extremely appreciative for the time and commitment that these men are making to TCU Lacrosse!

Finally, we are very thankful for the support of our Frog Alumni!  This year we are planning to upgrade our helmets with the funds donated by the Alumni.  This is not possible without their support!

The goal behind these new helmets is an Alumni Tribute helmet, with each helmet having alumni recognition decals. Donations can be made through , in “Recreational Sports - Men's Lacrosse Club“ under Student Affairs. Our goal is $14,000, which would cover 50 new helmets!


On behalf of the executive committee, I want to thank each of you for your contributions to TCU Lacrosse and look forward to a GREAT season!!

Our Program

The Texas Christian University’s Men’s Lacrosse Team was founded in 1982 by a group of students who all shared the same passion for TCU academics, athletics and the game of lacrosse. After a brief hiatus, this team was revived by a group of students who shared the same initial passions and wanted to commit to the process of producing very competitive TCU lacrosse teams that ultimately competes for multiple championships.


The TCU team will be comprised of 40 players from all across the nation, has a close association with the university. As a university athletic club program, donations and sponsors from corporations and individual who are alumni and friends of the Horned Frogs Nation are incredibly important to our continued success. Here at TCU, we are a school built on a foundation of championships. This year we welcome another talented freshman class to join our already strong subgroup of returning players to take the program to the next level of performance with championships on the horizon.


Coaching Staff

The Horned Frogs boast a premier coaching staff. Each coming from a unique background and adding a balanced mix of expertise to the program.

Pic - 2022 MP Team Trophy.jpg


Become a tcu recruit!

Contact Us

All recruits can reach the team through:

Will Gambrell

Josh Harrison


Please Send us a Message

Thanks for reaching out. Now go play wall ball while we respond to your message. Always be improving!

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