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About Us

MCLA Division 1 Men's lacrosse team

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Our Story

The Texas Christian University’s Men’s Lacrosse Team was founded in 1982 by a group of students who all shared the same passion for TCU academics, athletics and the game of lacrosse. After a brief hiatus, this team was revived by a group of students who shared the same initial passions and wanted to commit to the process of producing very competitive TCU lacrosse teams that competes for multiple championships.


The Team is comprised of 50 players from all across the nation and has a close association with The University. As a student run and funded program, donations and sponsors from friends and alumni of the Horned Frogs Nation are incredibly important to our continued success.

This year we welcome another talented freshman class to join our already strong group of returning players to take the program to the next level of performance with more championships on the horizon.

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